Reyes & Beltran Pick The Team Up

Last night I devoted the evening to taking my little one to see the movie Winnie The Pooh, which is great for kids but nightmarish for adults, so I didn’t watch the Mets victory over the Cardinals.

The big news last night was Reyes and Beltran’s return to the lineup.

Before I continue with this train of thought there something I need to get off my chest right here and right now.

Those of us who watch the Mets television broadcast on SNY on a regular basis are familiar with the commercials aired in between innings. The Tito Puente Jr commercial is disturbing. He is just one of those guys who would benefit from some facial hair, weight loss and putting an end to wearing earrings.

So Beltran got on base every turn at bat last night and Reyes got himself another multi-hit game. Dillon Gee got himself another victory and he has quietly put together a nice season.

Izzy earned his first save of the year which was interesting to read because it indicates Collins isn’t comfortable, at least not yet, with having Parnell close games.

I went on Twitter a little while ago and some of the stuff I came across was absurd. Some Mets fans want Beltran to exercise his no trade clause and remain with the Mets. Really? Short memories we have. Beltran has had an excellent first half but the guy has not lived up to the expectations that his 7 year, 119 million dollar contract merited. In addition, the Giants, Braves and Phillies prove time and time again that pitching is the name of the game. If we can trade Beltran for good pitching let’s get it done.

Never forget strike three in 2006 against Wainwright.

Gary, Keith and Ron are broadcasting tonight from the Pepsi Porch. Great view.

I’m ending this entry in the top of the fourth with the Mets trailing 4 to 2.

Dickey has been shaky on the mound but to his credit that was an exciting RBI base hit to help the team get back in the game.

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